March,11… hand quilt along

Just a few more days to spring! I was able to work on two of my projects this time, as the weather is getting warmer ,the days longer ,a lot of my time has been picking up sticks,limbs,and just general yard and flowerbed cleanup. We also burnt the fields off this spring ,it’s good to see a cleaned up pasture. Now the update…

Last time on the Fire Island Hosta quilt..

I drew a black line as to where I was last time as it is hard to really see. And today’s update…

The red shows where I am now,about half way done on the first roll.

The cathedral windows quilt ,I was able to work on this one a little more as hubby had business meetings in Florida so I rode along, taking this project with me as it was easy to slip in Hand bag,was pleased to get some time slipped in.Last time…


The double wedding ring … nothing. It probably won’t be worked on to much with warmer weather coming on.

Until next time…

Check up on the other hand quilt along bloggers, they have some great projects going on..















Sharon ,



Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

17 thoughts on “March,11… hand quilt along”

  1. Look at you go on that Hosta! I need to look at some cathedral Windows instructions, I just can’t wrap my head around how this works from the pictures. Have a good week. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. When you do all those points on the hosta, are you stitching in the ditch or what? That’s a ton of work! I agree, the cathedral window is a great travel project–so easy to pack up and take. I wish I had your excuse for not getting more done–I want to get outside and pick up limbs and clear the gardens . . . but it keeps snowing!!

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    1. An quarter inch away from seams, stitch in the ditch on the swag seams. Iโ€™ve been reading on the news that the north got hit with more it does give you cabin fever !


  3. P.S. You should let Kathy know to update your blog link in the blurb we all put at the end of our posts. The link to your old blog is still there and I, for one, completely forgot to update to the new!

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  4. Some great handwork progress there on both of those. The link from the old blog worked perfectly. I may have to do that myself before too long, since I’ve been blogging forever. I do reduce my picture sizes, but I post a lot of pictures!

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