Apr. 1 ….Hand quilt along

I have only worked on the Fire Island Hosta Quilt as I put the others up until spring work and the little house work is done. It does feel good to just sit down and do a few stitches between all the other work. I also put up my other sewing in marked boxes for when the weather turns very warm ,and outside work is at a stand still.

Here is the update from three weeks ago….

To where I am now..

I’m down to the corner, closest leather thimble. There is a little to do in the corner …

Here are some photos of the hand quilting,the grid ,stitch in the ditch and a quarter inch away from seams are what I have been working on so far.

Until next update, Happy Stitching!

And check out there others lovely work,it’s inspiring.😀

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Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

24 thoughts on “Apr. 1 ….Hand quilt along”

  1. This is my favorite Hosta quilt so far. I love these colors…is this the one for your son and his bride? Hope the little house is moving along for you all. Hard and dirty cleaning is exhausting, but the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful. Kind of like quilting! Easter blessings to your whole family!

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    1. Thank you! Yes it is for son and bride.🙂 we have the attic to clean out yet, then ripping out the old cabinets is next on the menu. We had a good Easter ,spent with family. I’m trying to catch up with all the posts ,internet server was down for five days. Which was fine as we were all too busy for it any way!😀

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    1. I use a chalk pencil or a regular school pencil ( which ever one shows up best on the fabric) along with a ruler. For as beautiful as your appliqué work is,I have a feeling quilting will come easy for you.


  2. Looking great, Deb! I think your choices for quilting–grid, quarter-inch outline–are perfect for this quilt, since there’s a lot going on in the pieced design. And I do understand how the rest of your obligations are getting in the way–it seems a number of us are feeling the same way! I hope you had a great Easter!

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    1. Had a wonderful Easter,time spent with the children and grandyoungins alway a delight! Life sure has a way of moving way too fast,days just come and go with a poof.


  3. Looking great as always, beautiful work. I know what you mean about Spring work outside and in, but it does feel so good when you have carried out what you have planned. We did a lot over Easter, as what with dad, for the last 9 months things almost came to stand still, but it was time well spent with him 🙂

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    1. Yes, that takes time when a love one get sick like that, but weeds and other outside work waited patiently for you to get to them.😀 it does feel good to see accomplished projects marked off the list.

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  4. The Fire Island Hosta quilt is so beautiful. Perhaps I told you this before, but one reason I love hearing about it is that I spent my childhood summers on Fire Island, NY, which holds many happy memories for me.

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