May,20 and what’s Deb up to?

This post is going to be about different things going on here on the farm… so grab a cup of coffee , and welcome to our farm!

The garden has been doing great ,it is really looking good since we’ve had some much needed rain. The summer squash will be ready to start picking this week,there’s also little zucchini’s showing on the zucchini plants. Tomatoes are blooming,green beans are also!

The bitties that I got ,so I could once again have my hens to enjoy. We put up a little house closer to our house hoping that some of the wild animals will not be so ready to have a chicken meal. The house is for the hens is predator safe,now if the hawks will leave them alone during the day when they are out free ranging.

The flowerbeds are full of lily blooms right now!

As you can see I still haven’t mulched over the papered walk way yet…. the dollars ran out!😬😀

Now on to the little house across the road…

We have must of the trash out of the house and gone. There are two old TVs that LouAnn and I need help with as they are heavy! We are working on ripping up the tiled flooring and base boards as we discovered that the dog that lived there with the older lady used those as his pee posts! The tiles were in sad shape as you can see.

We are working on two of the back rooms, the windows in them will also need replaced.

There had been a little sewing being done during the heat of the day, as our days are in the upper 80’s (27c to32c)to low 90’s. Nice break time.

And of course a rainbow is always a welcome sight!

Have a good week,friends


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

22 thoughts on “May,20 and what’s Deb up to?”

  1. What a fun post. It’s always nice to see what’s happening in our virtual friend’s real world. I love the blooms around your place right now – gorgeous! And that rainbow is beautiful. I don’t envy you on the work you have ahead of you on the house. It will keep you busy and off the streets!

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  2. Your garden looks lovely, although I know it takes a lot of work. I think ours might be quite over grown when we get home 🙂 Love the little chicks, hope they stay safe, I hated it when the fox ate ours. And the little house is coming on, again a lot of hard work, but worth it, can’t wait to see it finished 🙂 Wish we had a little of your heat, not too much, just a little.

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  3. That first photo, of the orange lantana–does that just grow in the ground where you are? I can only have it in pots, during summer months. 😦 Everything is looking so good! Except that little house, which is sort of pitiful, but on the way back to beauty. LouAnn will be so proud of that place when it’s finished!


    1. The lantana plants love it here! And yes I plant them in the ground. They get huge,sometimes I have to trim them back so that they don’t crowd out other plants. They are often the only thing blooming on a 105* day. When we started cleaning up and scrubbing that’s when we realized that there was more to be done then what we saw at first,but nows the time to fix with nothing in the house. LouAnn is excited about it that’s for sure, and I’m excited that she’s not going so far down the road!😀


  4. Deb, I love seeing the farm and an update on what’s happening in your life! The house is coming along, some times the demolition and clean up take such a long time! Your garden is looking great! I have to do something about the pumpkins and squash this week, as none of them have sprouted. 😡 possibly immature seeds, on the squash, maybe need to carry some water to the pumpkins and see if that does anything. Will you install new Windows, or redo the old? I am thinking about reglazing some of ours. They are all odd sizes so all would be custom…not in the budget!
    Your flowers are magnificent, looks like a lovely place to relax when the temps are moderate!

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    1. Hope the water works for your pumpkin seeds. We will replace the ones that are broken with new. The one in the bathroom it’s to bad off so that one might be fine with a good caulking. Once we get the floor tiles all up and the windows fixed the fun part.. oh wait there’s some spackling on the kitchen ceiling needs to be replace before painting then the fun begins as we do have a paint sprayer.

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    1. So true that blogs are open windows. I’m delighted you enjoyed the flowers ,they are so pretty right now! Thanks for visiting my world!


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