Sept. 11… Elements of different kinds…

Or Miscellaneous.🙂 That’s what this post will be.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter turned 21, that’s hard to believe!

Here she is,enjoying some chill out time. Some friends have a pool, which they gladly share with her.

Hubby and three of the boys took scuba diving lessons,and are now certified divers. They are now taking search and recovery lessons,their goal is to be of service to the fire department, but there’s lots of classes to be taken yet. But they have the first step completed. I’m proud of them.

I received a letter in the mail this week from one of the ladies I put a top together for. Miss Pauline was so excited! She had enter her quilt ,which she had finished by hand quilting it, at the local fair. The quilt took Grand Champion …that was a pleasant surprise for me as well. Miss Pauline holding the quilt.

And here a photo of the top that I put together. It is only showing half of the quilt though,the other side is a repeat of what you see.

and of course, I love it when I get notes like this from a grandson 😍

We have twin deer fawns that play in the yard and pasture,the one was very curious to see who was on the other side of the tree.

I still make a little time for drawing ,I’m hoping this winter life slows down and I have more time to practice. Here’s a few…

An old church just down the road… one of the few last standing slave shack… a few cherries…. and an old house being grown over by weeds and brush.

Have a great week! Deb


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

9 thoughts on “Sept. 11… Elements of different kinds…”

  1. Oh WOW, your drawings have become amazing! I am so impressed with your progress, and your men going through diving search and rescue classes. That is not for the faint of heart; classes are fun, but the work done by these teams is selfless. Your sweet girl is 21, that is one of those moments of reflection! How does the time go so fast?!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, those classes aren’t for the faint of heart, I know I couldn’t do it! I don’t know where time goes too.. I mentioned that to an older lady just recently, she patted my on the shoulder “ dearie, she says,it’s goes even faster the older you get!” I decided right there and then I’m not going to grow old.😁

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  2. What a happy post, on all counts! Your family seems so great–happy, supportive, giving. Must be the great parenting they get, right?! The 50 states quilt is beautiful–did Pauline do all that embroidery? And I had been wondering about your drawing and how it was progressing–now I can see you’re doing great! I especially am impressed with the shading on the cherries. You’ve come a long way!

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    1. I don’t know about that great parenting,as I’ve made many mistakes there,and like all families we have a few heartaches,like a daughter-in-law who left our son for another man who was abusive to the children,now she can only see them with SS supervising the visits. Miss Pauline’s mother in law did the embroidery blocks years ago. Thank you ! I’ve learned that in colored pencil is pays to buy the more expensive pencils ,the end results are much nicer.


  3. The little note is so precious, just wish they could stay longer at that age……they do grow up so fast. Lovely post, and your drawing is getting so good, practice makes perfect 🙂 I wish 🙂 My nephew in law, is a firefighter and loves every minute of it, even through its quite tough at times, so well done to your men folk for wanting to help 🙂

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    1. They truly grow way to fast! I don’t always have the time to practice like I should so it’s taking longer,but I okay with that. Hubby and boys so enjoy being able to help folks out , I happy that they do.

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