June 4…. a peek into my world lately

Summer time heat has hit us hard ,and earlier then usual,over Memorial Day week end ,it set a new record in Augusta with temperatures at 101*. We decided to go camping to enjoy the water!

I did a little hiking and come across a lonely grave. It was hard to read but with some finger tracing ,I finally figured out what was in graved in the head stone. It read… Willis Craft born July 1809 died March 21 1874 . After doing some google search ,I learned that he was very active in the community of Elberton,Ga. It was his dying wish to be buried out on his farm,which is now a lovely wooded area. His family was buried in Elberton.

Caroline enjoying a little water herself on a hot day!

The lilies haven’t minded the heat.

My guava tree is blooming for the first year.

And we will have Kiwi this fall!

And all the hard work of mowing,weed whacking,and weed pulling pay off!

How old this century plant is ,I don’t know but I do believe it’s getting some age to it . I’m looking forward to it blooming!

And of course there’s time to notice a little toad!

Hope you are enjoying your soon to be summertime!


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

19 thoughts on “June 4…. a peek into my world lately”

  1. Wonderful picture, as usual. They show your deep appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. And thank you for bringing the forgotten Willis Craft to the attention of a new group of people, Deb.

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    1. Thank you! I pondered on his site how the land went back to its natural state with the birds singing,deer grazing,little bunnies playing around the stone,squirrels enjoying a nut while sitting on the headstone , and decided that I would enjoy my gravesite like that.

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  2. Summer has come early for you. The lilies are gorgeous! MIne are still growing and I don’t expect blooms for some time. Kiwi’s? wow – yum! I love that you stumbled upon that lone grave too. I did a little digging too, as I can’t resist a little genealogy research. Civil War soldier, Postmaster, and even served politically. His father was a statesman…thanks for taking me along on your Memorial Day Weekend trip πŸ™‚

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  3. Just lovely, your flower garden looks fabulous after all the work you did last year. The guava blooms look so delicate, and a kiwi tree too. I’ve heard of those century plants, seeing it bloom would be something!

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    1. I was so tickled to see the guava bloom as I’ve never grown one before,will be interesting to see if its fruits will grow . The century plant when blooming sends up a spike 12- 25 ft .. that will be fun to watch!

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  4. All winter and spring, I envy you your climate. But right now, my upstate New York weather appeals more than your 100+ days! I think I’d die! SO smart to get out to a lake and shady trails, with the chance to come across that secret burial site. The flowers and trees at your place are amazing–they obviously love your weather!

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    1. Oh for a day or two until your body adjusted to warmer weather,you would be rather uncomfortable like I am with the cold weather. What I love about your State is fall and those beautiful trees.. look forward every year to your post about them! Another thing that loves our weather are those weeds!πŸ˜ πŸ˜€

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  5. Love the lilies, you have some lovely plants. We have had non stop rain for 3 days, so the weeds will have loved that, busy week end coming up in the garden, as long as it stops raining πŸ™‚

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    1. Rain and weeds spells havoc! We still are short on rain here,and the weather people say it’s going to continue that way into August,guess time will tell if their right.

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