July 24.. a camping site project…

As y’all know this family so enjoys going camping especially Leona. We liked using the State Parks getting a years membership pass,if we had a free weekend we quick pack up and go ,always able to find a nice spot where it was easy for Leona to see, or be carried down to the water,or a nice spot for her just to enjoy her surroundings. Sad to say that all changed when the State Parks started doing reservations ahead of time. It’s hard to say we can go camping a month ahead of time with Stevens work ..if emergency call comes in …well that rather messes up a camping trip plan.

So Steven decided to start looking for a small plot that we could purchase. After much searching,looking… finding prices to large for our liking, Steven met an elderly man selling a lot in a wooded area with nothing done. His price was reasonable, so off the lawyers office we went.

The place is full of nature, and a wonderful lake ,and lovely large trees for shade. It just needed some hard work to set it up for camping. We rolled up our sleeves , put on bug spray,and threw some sweat rags around our necks and got down to work.

Here’s the progress….

We parked our camper in the graveled lane as there are no neighbors close by, using generators ,and bottled water from home the first few times we went to work.

Getting the lane cleared ,and camping site.

Building the camp site…

All the trees that we took down ,we cut up for camping firewood.

Then came the gravel..

I had plenty of clean up work to do as hubby did the tractor work.

LouAnn made our fire ring.

Finished stone ring

Water line being put in

I didn’t get a photo of the electric line going in but was done the same as the water line.

Camper now tucked in among the trees

Where the chair is ,we were cleaning up so a tent could be set up there if one of the children want to join us in camping.

Views of the lake..

There are several ospreys nest there much to my delight,even saw an otter,also it will be good fishing.

Other things that capture my attention…

It’s not been all work 😁

Leona loves that tube,puts her in a humming mood! Which is what she was doing.😄

Now we can once again pack up and go camping when ever it works out,no reservations here.


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

14 thoughts on “July 24.. a camping site project…”

    1. Thank you! Yes,that saying is true ,also there are still wonderful people who are willing to help out. We were bless to find someone who help us with that will. 😊


  1. This is fantastic! So exciting and your own piece of paradise! I love the old dead trees with the osprey nests–they will give hours of entertainment, as will otters. You really found the perfect solution to your needs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We ,too are excited! Leona is so delighted that she’d have us up there, (it’s in north Ga) every weekend.😄 makes me happy to have her so happy .


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