Jan.25…. a big mistake? 🧐

I had a few feed sack scraps that I wanted to use up in a wall hanging. I picked out a gray fabric that I had laying around. I liked it when I laid the little feed sack fabrics against it, but somehow when sewing it together… it started to look nothing of what I thought it would.

On the point of ripping out the gray,when daughter walking by said, that mom would be perfect in my house.
Me .. really?! You like it!
Sure do was her reply..
So I continued.

Then it hit me that black would really pop those blocks out as they all just ran into each other. Here is the finished top, that I’m much happier with.

Daughter is thrilled with it, so I happy .

I have some exciting news!
Our youngest son and his wife are expecting their first little one.
That means I get to make a blanket,which will be crocheted.
Baby’s arrival will be in Aug.
The ducks eggs didn’t do for me, so when I was in Virginia spending time with daughter and her family ,I brought back with me a few of her chicken eggs. They are showing signs of a bitty growing. Leona is excited!!
I really don’t need any more chickens ,as my hens are doing well and will soon be laying. The tarp isn’t very appealing but the dark adds heat to the hen house which has been nice for its been cold the last week.
Camellias are blooming!
Have a lovely week.

Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

27 thoughts on “Jan.25…. a big mistake? 🧐

    1. Thank you! Baby is really exciting as there was an early miscarriage,and it was a tough call for mommy. Camellias are winter’s gift in these long dreary days.


  1. The black was the perfect finish, Deb! So excited for your new grand child, this is wonderful news.😍 Baby chicks are always fun, Leona will enjoy watching them hatch and grow I’m sure. Flowers already, amazing. We just started talking about making the calendar for the seedlings so they are ready for planting outside in…..May!

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    1. Now to decide on a pattern for on the black… and do I was a light gray thread or black on it… Leona is excited and my granddaughter wants me to FaceTime her when they start to hatch. I’ve got my seeds ready,and next week ,I need to get my fabric tubs going with spinach,lettuce,peas,and potatoes. And would you believe I did have to cut the grass!

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  2. Lots of exciting news to share. Congratulations Grandma ~ and family! That’s one stunning quilt and the black was just what it needed…wow… love how it turned out. Wish we could have chickens so enjoying them through you 🙂 My camellia’s have buds but no blooms yet, they’re such a stunning flower. A lovely week back to you 🙂

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    1. Thank you!😊 I do enjoy the chickens,their really pets as they follow me around like dogs. They talk to me …of course I answer back. I agree camellias are stunning,and their petals are bug bite free.

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      1. I’m with you on that! I even got a vintage quilt – in atrocious condition – marked as a “cutter quilt”. For around $20-$25. But I still can’t bear to cut it up to use for craft projects.

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    1. I’m sorry too! Leona was so disappointed that I ordered ducklings online they should be coming Friday… she doesn’t know it though.👏August seems a long way off..

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  3. Congratulations on the baby! And sure, the colour combination of that quilt is unconventional, but that laso makes it bold! The grey and feed sacks stand out a bit, but maybe you can fix that a bit with the quilting. Anyhow, it’s going to be an amazing quilt 🙂

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  4. Congrats on the upcoming birth of a new grandbaby! I love how you used the snippets of fabric from the old feed sacks. The black worked perfectly to make the colors pop.


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