March 29…. photos of my world

Spring is in full swing here on our little farm,so that means lots of out of doors work,…mowing ,weed whacking ,weed pulling,and mulching. Of course, it also means… sore muscles, blisters on your hands even with gloves on, farmers tan ,and ant bites.

However when it’s all done ,it’s so worth it! Here’s the big flowerbed almost done.

Not to many flowers blooming here yet.
There are around the house though
Azaleas,Gerber daisy,and amaryllis

We’ve had a real problem with predators wanting to get the chickens and ducks lately. Sad to say a pair of skunks got into the young ducks,eating three leaving me two😡…

Caroline took care of the hawk that got into the chicken pen…. no one messes with her chickens. She watches out for them even sleeping at the chicken pen gate. Caroline did try to get the skunks ,bless her for trying but the spray was to overwhelming.

Last weekend we were up to our lot. It was a lovely weekend with watching the osprey rebuilding their nest even saw a territorial fight between the osprey and bald eagle.
And a start of a beautiful day
We bought Leona an iPad so she could have screen touch because of not being able to use her hands.
Well ,if hands don’t work then a nose will.
Puzzles are a favorite past time for her.
Stay safe and enjoy life!

Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

11 thoughts on “March 29…. photos of my world”

  1. Hi Deb ~ what a lovely fun update. I took a deep breath in let it out and relaxed, listened to the birds singing while viewing the beautiful lake. Your farm is lovely and I noticed the pond (?) in the new flower bed, are those lily pads in the middle? Good job Caroline! Will you replace the chickens? We had a hawk come and perch on our fence line this week, that was new for us. Lots of beautiful flowers blooming and Leona loves her puzzles! Lots of wonderful laughter and great things going on at your home …stay safe and smiling 🙂

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  2. A very good week for all of you! It must have been something to see the birds fighting for their territory, wow! I can see Leona happily working puzzles using her nose, that my kind of girl! The farm flowers are looking wonderful, and well done to Caroline! Max will be impressed. 🙂

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    1. It was amazing watching those birds, and Caroline was impressed with herself ,she had to show off her catch to hubby when he came home from work.😀 Leona has a lot of determination , she’s a trooper.

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  3. Your garden is so amazing! I’m so sorry you lost your ducks. I would be heartbroken. You have inspired me – I was going to do some organizing and cleaning, but now I think I’m going to spend some time in the garden.

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    1. It was heartbreaking, for they so tame. Oh good! Enjoy your garden… I’m going to clean once the pollen from the trees end, they make everything carry a spring green dust.


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