April 24…. update on my world…🙂

My daughter is very good at keeping me informed on how the grand children are doing,and little sneak peeks into their lives!

Candice is a chip off the old block here, she loves her chicks as much as I do!

While her younger sister is the story teller..
Reagan is a good listener.🥰
My daughter in law has made masks for the business that we own,and the two boys (her and mikes boys) who thought that they were cool.

Here’s Mike and Hubby at work wearing them… quite the outfit.

The business has been steady,as we were essential to commercial business. Here they are working at a commercial warehouse, fixing a loading dock door.
We have had lots of rain lately making things so green,and fresh.
Here’s a few photos of nature
Last camellia bloom
Turkey tracks
Viburnum blooming
Good old hot dog roast!
Any one in need of fresh farm eggs? It’s amazing how quickly 11 eggs a day add up. I can’t use them all , so I share with family and friends.
Praying for all my blogging friend’s good health.

Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

11 thoughts on “April 24…. update on my world…🙂”

  1. What a great post, Deb! I’m fascinated by your family’s farm and your husband’s contributions as an essential worker in this time of crisis. The children were beyond adorable. The granddaughter’s story was amazing and I loved her big brother’s patient attitude! (Thanks for commenting on my blog despite whatever is blocking you. I have uploaded your comment.)

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    1. Thank you! Love those grand children ,they definitely keep my days bright. I think why I can’t comment has to do with the filter that we have on the internet,so Leona doesn’t accidentally go where she shouldn’t because she tapped the wrong thing with her nose. Your post and one other ,I have problems with ,and you both post from different sources…??

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  2. So funny ~ I actually had a dream about a chicken last night that was so vivid and real and then here I am reading your blog this morning and I see your granddaughter with her chicken eggs. Candice is beautiful and that ‘hat’ 🙂 You have quite an adorable storyteller in the family along with a great listener 🙂 Gorgeous camellia bloom. I was disappointed this year with mine, they turned brown and some buds didn’t even open. Love the masks and color coordinated too! Thank you for the sneak peek into life at home for you …. stay well and safe!

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    1. 😄 Candice rather likes her farm hat, I told her I need one,only with a more floppy brim. Sounds like you may have had some harsher unpredictable weather that cause damage to the buds,That can affect the buds quickly.

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  3. Oh Deb…I love everything about this post…but most especially the story teller and her audience…a very familiar age pair to me grands and Vivien is similarly imaginative! What a beautiful life you have…and the eggs! Lordy.

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    1. Thank you,Bonnie!🥰 l love to listen to children’s imaginary stories,often they are delightful. I’m so very blessed that’s for sure!!!


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