April,26…. Hand quilt along update.

My quilting came to an abrupt holt the first part of this week ,when the hot strawberry jam I was making missed the canning jar,running down over my thumb. The top part of my thumb now has a nice sore on top.😏 I probably could quilt if I put a bandage on it ,but the thought of removing it after quilting just puts that thought on hold. So I did sewing into stead… however I will quickly show what I did get done on the old girl.
Even with the extra gathers,it still looks very nice… cozy is written all over this quilt.
I’m half way down the length of the quilt,working from left to right.

Now for the sewing.. I have one more row to put on this quilt top then it will be ready to knot….

And some scrappy blocks .. about thirty … are ready to be put together.
A big Welcome to Monica! Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your creative side!😊

Hand Quilt Along Links
This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another. If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.
Kathy, Margaret, Tracy, Susan, Nanette, Edith, Sharon, Karrin, Gretchen, Kathi, Bella, Daisy, Connie and Monica

Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

19 thoughts on “April,26…. Hand quilt along update.”

    1. It will heal, and it won’t seem so long if I keep at those other projects that I want to get done. …if I remember right,aren’t you working on a quilt? You are welcome to join in,love to have you!!!

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  1. ooch, that must have hurt. It won’t be long before your in the swing of things again. Your quilts and quilting is always gorgeous ~ cozy is the perfect word to describe your top beauty 🙂 hugs

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  2. I hope the thumb is healing nicely, that probably hurt like the dickens. The new quilt is looking good, the motif is perfect for it. Your sewing looks fab as always, the log cabin is so cheery and the scrap blocks are lovely!

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    1. Thank you! I love doing log cabins ,as the colors just seams to dance across the top. Yes, the thumb is slowly healing ,and isn’t as painful as the first day. Glad it was only a thumb.. and not a large area!

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  3. Ow! Just thinking about that hurts! I love jam making, but that would make me dislike it for a while. LOL The quilting is coming along nicely, though, and I can never see too many log cabin quilts!

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  4. Oh my gosh! I love that 1800s Kansas Dugout variation! I’m getting so excited to stitch along with you all, so I can finish some of my hand work. I hope you heal fast so you can get back at it. Thank you for having me as a part of your group. I will link to you all very soon.

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    1. Isn’t she an old beauty! I think you’ll found the group is made up of some really sweet ladies ready to cheer, support,and give advice.. I don’t know what I would do without them.🥰

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    1. It was very good , one cant find store bought jam to match it in taste. It was rainy last week ,so if kept me indoors…so I just made use of my sewing machine.

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  5. Ouch – it sounds painful. It is so difficult when a hand is injured to do so many activities and tasks. I hope that your hand is well on it’s way to being healed.

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  6. Hello. Thank you presenting all these. The second photo from the end shows the quilt which is very similar with that my wife has made. We use it in winter as a “nap blanket”. 🙂

    Have a good day!

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    1. I like the thought of a nap blanket! I love to curl up with a cozy blanket and a book at nap time. Sometimes I don’t get very far in the book though.😊 thank you for stopping by to comment.

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