May 31… flower and birds…and…

Whatever else I happen to photo..🤓

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some of the flowers that are happily blooming …so here goes.

Gladiolus ,these I planted fresh this spring after a vole eat a large amount last year.. anybody know how to keep voles away other than getting a cat… Caroline ( the Rottie) isn’t cat friendly.
More lilies
Blooming cedar?
Nope it’s honeysuckle growing in amongst the limbs.
Ruen drake looking pretty
And the arrival of more ducklings to replace the ones a skunk got in one night.
The first day of arrival they were ready for food and water…
Now they are lively and growing like weeds..
Yes, I know dirty water.. I just changed an hour before taking this photo.🤷🏻‍♀️
There are 4 magpie ducklings and 4 ruens
Here are some little birds that I seen while kayaking,here’s a video of them dancing.😄
A rag rug I finished up. Feels good to have that pile of rags out of the way.
And a new rug on the floor.
After a thunderstorm one evening last week,the sky was beautiful!

Have a lovely week friends.


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

13 thoughts on “May 31… flower and birds…and…”

  1. The poppy took my breath away~ gorgeous! I inherited 4 pots of lilies in white that I love but those pink are gorgeous. Seeing everything in bloom at your place makes me excited here while waiting as we are still in a the budding stage for most things. Yay – more ducks …so cute. Love the rag rug, it’s really nice 🙂 Enjoy your beautiful weather and grounds

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    1. Those poppies are wonderful,first year for me on those. Started them from seed, surprised they did anything for I’m known not to be good at starting seeds. I’m now enjoying mornings and evenings as the noontime hrs are very warm in the 90*’s

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  2. Love your flowers! The baby ducks are adorable, and I feel your pain about dirty water! Thankfully we have good weather this week, so mine are outside In their Pen with their swimming pool. Your rag rug looks great, I remember my mom making those.

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    1. Thank you! Hubby and I got an old tub that we are fixing up for the ducks to swim in . We are putting a drain line in that will run along the kiwi plants to irritate them . They take a lot of water ,and we figured that a little duck poo would be to their liking also. I believe ducks can’t bear to see clean water.😄

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