June 2… late update…

When I was young,I thought when you got older ,one didn’t have as much to do… wow, was that thought off!

Life has been busy,but good. LouAnn is home for a few weeks until she needs to go back to get ready for school again.

LouAnn and I have been going though closets reorganizing them,also getting rid of things that I’m not sure why it was there in the first place.

We went camping over Memorial Day weekend… it was a perfect weekend with perfect weather. It was a special blessing for Leona to be able to be outside with all of us instead of having to be inside in an air conditioned camper.

My quilting has come to a stand still, I won’t even try to set a goal for next update for my work load still doesn’t look like there’s time for quilting. I do hope though I can do a few stitches….

I would like to share some blocks, that an Aunt on hubby side,gave to me. They are from hubby’s great grandmother Alice.

Early 1900’s fabric

I was delighted to receive these special blocks. Some of the blocks need a little help in resizing as they are not all the same size ,and few will need to be fixed .. but on the whole I’m going to leave them as they are.

Little help needed here.
And my quilt that is a very slow work in progress is stuffed in a corner.
It brights the corner though while waiting to be finished.

I’m sure by now y’all have check out the others lovely quilts in progress but just in case someone hasn’t …here’s the list .🙂

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Margaret, Nanette, Sharon, Karrin, Daisy, Connie, and Sherrie


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

8 thoughts on “June 2… late update…”

  1. Summer is a busy time, you’ll be able to quilt more this fall/winter. The blocks from your husbands great grandmother are a treasure. I hope you finish them someway. I used to think I’d wouldn’t be as busy after my children left home, not so! Happy stitching!


  2. It is amazing that the blocks were saved. One of my daughters told me that she thought when you were grown up, you could do whatever you wanted. Asked her if she ever saw me do what I wanted, like go to a movie or out to eat without my kids. I certainly never wanted to clean, cook or do laundry.


  3. You hit the jack pot of quilting treasure. It’s amazing the age of these blocks. Sounds like a lovely memorial day get away 🙂 How fun! I have been doing a bit or reorganizing too – feels good to get it done. Enjoy!


  4. It is that season for you, Deb. Wonderful that Leona was able to be outside over Memorial Day; is she having a good summer? I have been trying to apply myself daily to the wedding quilt.it won’t be finished, but making consistent progress is making it easier to pick up! XXOO

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    1. Leona really did enjoy the nice cooler weather we were having … it’s very warm now though. Summer has hit us once again… upside to that ,the summer squash is being enjoyed.

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