March 20… To the hills …

Life for us is going to take on a new adventure. We sold the garage door business to a younger couple,and they are also buying the farm with it. The office and shop are on the farm so we were glad that they were taking the whole farm.

Why did we sell? Well, we started the business when the boys were all home needing something to do. They are all grown ,going their separate ways. Hubby isn’t in to hiring,just don’t need that headache,he says.

We purchased a parcel of land in the mountains of Tennessee awhile back,now we are looking at restoring the little house on the hill that has been sitting empty for a good 15 years.

Built in the early 1900’s..

The side walls were done like this.

Beautiful sturdy framing.

I started with removing the old drywall, it’s a messy job!

We will be living in our camper for a year ,first to give some assistance to the new owner in running the business,and then it will let us work on the old house at a more leisurely timeline.

Some views of the place…

I took this picture last fall, the old barn has the old logs …
Steven wants to repurpose the good logs to put a little rustic log cabin up on the hill where we found an old chimney.

There’s much work to do with clean up,but it will be worth it as it is a beautiful place of wild country.

A view from one of the mountain ridges,that’s on our land.

I have a feeling that my old quilts and the old house are going to be happy to be together.


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

18 thoughts on “March 20… To the hills …”

  1. In the words of the ‘Fluppy Dogs’ Adventure! …. What a life changing and exciting adventure is ahead of you. The area looks beautiful. I’ll be anxious for your up dates on your progress. Enjoy the journey!

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    1. I will love once I through with the packing! Knowing what to put in storage… what to get rid of ..and what to put in the camper for a year..🤓of course I have to put together a few quilting projects to tuck in a corner of the camper.

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    1. It was gorgeous up there this fall, the trees put on fantastic show . I sure will try to keep things updated,will be slow at first as we need to wrap things up here first though.

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  2. Deb I am so excited for you. The area you are moving to looks spectacular. Demolition sounds fun to me. I hope you have time to put some stitches in your beautiful quilt. It may allow you a chance to take some deep breaths and de-stress. I wish you and your husband the best in this new adventure in life.

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  3. I’ve been so out of it in the blogging world, especially my own blog, that I haven’t kept up. Then I read your post about the update on the little house near your house and realized I had missed some very important events! WOW! I’m excited for your new and upcoming adventures now you’re in retirement! ❤

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    1. Don’t feel bad, I’m not to far behind you. I’ve blogged very little this last while, if I do it’s very short. We are looking forward to our adventure together, we have been so busy with raising children ,keeping the business going during our 34 years of married life it’s now time to just enjoy each other!

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