July 13.. Christmas in July….week 2

I didn’t get much done …. As you can see..

Little photo was where I started, the larger, what I painted this week.

We went to Tennessee for the weekend ,the place needed mowing up,the weeds were as tall as I am.😮

What it looks like now…

We have a camera up on the ridge,look who we saw…. My son also happened to see one while hiking.

This is what I saw while hiking.😊

It was a lovely cool weekend with days in the upper 70* and one morning it was 60* out….. it was wonderful!

The lane that leads to our little clearing.

That’s it for me.

Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

13 thoughts on “July 13.. Christmas in July….week 2”

  1. All is progress big or small and I can spot what you did 🙂 Fun weekend get around. That is some real bear – I also had an encounter with a bear – I bought the cutest stuffed animal bear this week.

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    1. I hear ya on the bear quilt! I have a bear paw quilt that made… very traditional one. I just might need to google bear quilt patterns.


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