A Tadpole hollow update

We are here in the hills for a bit again doing some more clean up and ripping up an old floors.

The floor joists have rotten out because of a water leak that was left go.

We hauled out two trailer loads of trash and junk . This was the trailer we used , and we still have a lot more to haul away.

It’s a dump trailer

We found out this old house was built in 1910 . It definitely is in need of some repairs.

There was a chimney fire at one time , that was patch up. Hubby wants to redo it by repairing the wall and putting up a new chimney.

Some of the trash we hauled away.
A lonely old house, but not for much longer.

I also took walks seeing signs of spring all around.

Ink cap mushrooms
Wild orange daylilies
Wash day 😀

And we have some rain that made the creeks around us sing …it was great!!!

Have a great week !

Oct.16…. A this and that catch up…

Sept was a busy month with picking jewelweed and making it into soap to treat our poison ivy rashes.

There was also three weddings that we attended. The first wedding was in Pa ,held at a wedding barn. It was beautiful!

We grilled the beef brisket for this wedding. We grilled the meat in Ga on our big grill then packed the wrapped brisket in three large coolers . We left late Friday evening ,arriving in time Sat morning to the reception for slicing the brisket and putting in it cookers to keep warm.

Then we went to Md to attend two wedding ,one on a Friday a niece on hubby’s side,on Saturday a nephew on my side.

We left Thursday evening to cross the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel,for Hurricane Ian was kicking up some winds causing an alert there. We cross safely late that night with a sigh of relief.

We had a lovely weekend ,that quickly came to an end.

Hubby loaded up some door sections from his brothers business,that he have ordered for a job to do that week. Off we headed for home never once thinking that Hurricane Ian had a surprise ahead for us.

We arrived at the bridge around 3:00 pm Monday,to be told we couldn’t cross for there was an alert 2 , that meant no vehicle carrying cargo in the back of pickups allowed on the bridge. Winds were not to subside until morning. We then decided that waiting in the truck all night was not our cup of tea, we promptly find a hotel,relaxing the rest of the evening,getting a good nights sleep ,had a good breakfast in the morning . we were on our way back to cross the bridge by 7:30 am with no problems. Here a photo of the waves.

Old house on the hill

Remember this old house ? It is here in Tennessee, nestled in the hills,it is also in need of some care. It was left go for quite a few years,with windows shot out, trash left inside…(and outside), and a small fire damage where the wood stove was.

Floor damage

We are going to gut the house down to the frame and outside wall. The main structure of the house is good, we still are pulling up the old flooring to be sure the floor foundation is fine. Here’s some more of the mess we are making.

Trashy kitchen
Now we need to get some dumpsters to load all this mess into.

Some random photos from Ga and Tennessee.

Sunset in Ga.
Our little camper set up while we work on the old house. At one time it

looked like this…

Until the next update in my small world… Take Care!

June 14….. settling in…..

I’m sure glad we were able to beat the heat wave with getting all the heavy moving done! We sweated enough in 95* weather. Here is what we have been up too the last few months.

The old block house

Remember we had purchased this old home a few years back. We had problems with getting a clear title because of the sellers family issues. Finally after a year it was cleared up.

Then we relaxed on working on it for the business was consuming our time. Covid brought on at lot of service work with people calling for our services as far as four hours from home.

When Mike’s decided to serve the church in PR, we decided to get serious with remodeling the old house.

LouAnn (our daughter)is living in the old house as she will be staying on after we move on . We will be living in the RV for a bit until the new owner of the business feels he is comfortable in running the business.

Then we will be going to Tennessee to work on the old home there.

Here’s the before and after photos of the old block house.

Kitchen area

We still have a few things to do like a new entry door in the kitchen.

Living room

Here’s where we are …

Home for now

A fuller view..

There is yard work to do yet,and shed in back needs a new door,then the old place will look in much better shape.

Now it’s time to catch up on some quilting.😀

March 20… To the hills …

Life for us is going to take on a new adventure. We sold the garage door business to a younger couple,and they are also buying the farm with it. The office and shop are on the farm so we were glad that they were taking the whole farm.

Why did we sell? Well, we started the business when the boys were all home needing something to do. They are all grown ,going their separate ways. Hubby isn’t in to hiring,just don’t need that headache,he says.

We purchased a parcel of land in the mountains of Tennessee awhile back,now we are looking at restoring the little house on the hill that has been sitting empty for a good 15 years.

Built in the early 1900’s..

The side walls were done like this.

Beautiful sturdy framing.

I started with removing the old drywall, it’s a messy job!

We will be living in our camper for a year ,first to give some assistance to the new owner in running the business,and then it will let us work on the old house at a more leisurely timeline.

Some views of the place…

I took this picture last fall, the old barn has the old logs …
Steven wants to repurpose the good logs to put a little rustic log cabin up on the hill where we found an old chimney.

There’s much work to do with clean up,but it will be worth it as it is a beautiful place of wild country.

A view from one of the mountain ridges,that’s on our land.

I have a feeling that my old quilts and the old house are going to be happy to be together.

June 27… about time update…

The first update is on little Felix, they have put a Berlin heart on him until there’s a little heart for him. He does open his eyes and recognizes his momma ❤️

Felix’s folks are handling this very good given the circumstance. They feel the love and prayers of many caring people.

Next update… the little raised garden bed is really doing good this year. I have put squash in the freezer .. shredded,and fried. I would like to make some zucchini bread yet to add to the freezer list.

Hubby came home with around 15 lbs of sweet cherries,nice to have those to put in the freezer.

Of course there has been camping , Leona’s best therapy for boredom.

Leona has a new little friend. …The rabbits have been after my garden and flowerbeds awful! my poor lilies are barely surviving,the sweet potatoes are gone ,now they are working on my echinacea plants.😖

Hubby decided that it was time to get a terrier . So Sparky has join our family.

Rabbit damage

The next project that I have been learning about ,is how to do my own essential oils. I use oils, especially in the winter in a diffuser for Leona. They are also great to have when her muscles get to tight. The problem good oils are pricy!! So I am learning to do the ones that I use the most .

Here’s the distillery.😄

Peppermint plants will be growing around here…. In pots , pans ,tubs … anything that will hold dirt.😄

Next thing that got done that feels so good to have done is a…..

Scrubbed up porch!
The last project that I’ve been working on is this painting. It is a paint by number that I’m just doing my way . I want this to hang on my dining room wall as it is bare right now.

Here’s how far I am… the original way to paint it

My way
And that’s what I’ve been doing along with normal every day chores, and Leona’s care.

Dec.1 … a thanksgiving weekend …

It’s hard to believe that it’s Dec. 1 already! Thanksgiving weekend flew by way too fast.

I promised a picture of the kiffles that I make for Holidays only . I did do a post on them on my other site on. Dec. 19… Kiffles 2017..(I’m not sure how to link it though..😏 ) if you care to make them.

Here are a few snap shots of this weekend.
Nap time
Snuggles learning to leave skittles and Bobo alone. She did pretty good until they came to eat out of my hand then she was ready to remove them.
Then there was Elena time, she is such a people person .🥰
She didn’t lack in attention.
My daughter,LouAnn ,gave me these little snowmen ,so we decided to put them up above the dining room window with little lights behind them.
As I visited with the girls, my hands were busy ,as there’s a little one due to arrive this week. I’m hoping to soon have it done …just a few more rows on the lace edge.
Hubby and son were busy making knives for fun. Here’s a picture of hubby’s ,I didn’t get one of Russell’s for he took his home.
Have a blessed week ,friends.❤️

Nov. 6.. a quick update on Leona

Thank you friends for your prayers and support.❤️

Leona is starting to feel better,wanting to sit in her chair again. It has been a long three weeks with her being very listless and no appetite, then the first of last week complaining of tummy ache.. a few days later running fever.

With the fever I know I needed help! Thank the Lord the problem was easy to diagnose. Low iron count with a stomach bug….

Leona has issues with getting enough nutrients from her food,so she needs a formula,even with the formula that I give her everyday that still didn’t have enough iron for her.

Just a few days on liquid iron ,I can see her coming back to her normal self.👏👏

I’m just so thankful it wasn’t worst.

While sitting close by my girl, I was able to finish this star top.

Oct.1 …. just a little random post….

It has been awhile since I have done a this and that post.

First some photos from the camp site. We have lovely days with perfect temps.

There was a black duck and a hornets nest that I tried to capture but it was a little rough out there,and the duck wasn’t into having a photo taken.

Hubby made himself some grilling racks that he was very happy with… and I was even happier for he did most of the cooking. …Even made pepper poppers .😋
Then my granddaughters brighten my days with beautiful smiles or a story.
Of course , I’ve been sewing …

There a ten knotted quilts ready to go to CAM this week. It is nice to have that off my list.

Here they are waiting for the binding to be sewn,Which took me three days to do.
Now it’s time to clean up the house.🤓

Aug. 18…. a new arrival….

We are very happy to welcome our little granddaughter Elena . She’s a healthy girl weighing in at 8 lbs and 5 oz.

Of course as soon as we could get away,we made a trip to Kentucky.
Hubby took a 4 wheeler along as he wanted to do some trails into the hills.
Leona was thrilled to be able to hold a little one in her lap again….. her favorite phrase….. she’s so cute.😊
And a proud PopPop
The weekend went by way too fast!!

I took a early morning walk for it was so pleasant in the morning a lovely 66*.

One never knows what they will found when the morning is fresh with the sun not yet peeking over the hill. This little fella was trying hard to reach that perfect leaf.😁

And the wonder of moss.
And the beautiful sound of running water…
We are home again watching
the entertaining little birds.