Feb 16. A little of this and that …AGAIN

January has kept Leona ,grandchildren and I busy watching new life come alive. Remember the egg I showed a few weeks back.

Showing healthy signs of life.
As day 21 of setting the eggs came closer,my phone was kept busy with …MomMom ,are the chicky-peeps hatching yet, with the promise I would FaceTime them as soon as I saw anything happening ,…that was good for a few hours.😄
On day 21 , I saw signs of a tiny hole,and you could hear the bitties peeping.
It took about 45 minutes from starting to cracking out.
And here they are, all fluffy and healthy.

Also Leona was surprised with some ducks,and she is so enjoy watching them waddle around,they didn’t stay inside very long as a wet duck is a HAPPY duck.

And talking about wet..
We have had lots of rain ,look at these osprey nests(top pictures were taken with summer) ,they will give you a good idea just how high the river is right now at the camp site. We were there yesterday to check on the camper,and grounds.

And to think we would sit under the little cedar tree in chairs drinking coffee in Nov….now the water is about three feet deep.

There will be some clean up of plastic bottles that have come a shore..as you can see.

How ever the little flower bulbs I planted are thriving with the wet.

I finished the crocheted blanket for baby.

Have a lovely week!

Jan.25…. a big mistake? 🧐

I had a few feed sack scraps that I wanted to use up in a wall hanging. I picked out a gray fabric that I had laying around. I liked it when I laid the little feed sack fabrics against it, but somehow when sewing it together… it started to look nothing of what I thought it would.

On the point of ripping out the gray,when daughter walking by said, that mom would be perfect in my house.
Me .. really?! You like it!
Sure do was her reply..
So I continued.

Then it hit me that black would really pop those blocks out as they all just ran into each other. Here is the finished top, that I’m much happier with.

Daughter is thrilled with it, so I happy .

I have some exciting news!
Our youngest son and his wife are expecting their first little one.
That means I get to make a blanket,which will be crocheted.
Baby’s arrival will be in Aug.
The ducks eggs didn’t do for me, so when I was in Virginia spending time with daughter and her family ,I brought back with me a few of her chicken eggs. They are showing signs of a bitty growing. Leona is excited!!
I really don’t need any more chickens ,as my hens are doing well and will soon be laying. The tarp isn’t very appealing but the dark adds heat to the hen house which has been nice for its been cold the last week.
Camellias are blooming!
Have a lovely week.

Dec. 8… Fall,Flowers and Failure…

Three F’s … if I was in school ,I don’t think I would have gone home to Mom. 😳 Today though those three F’s are all positive even if one of those words are failure.

I’ll start with fall first. I know that up north a lot of y’all are having snow and cold temps,here in the south we are just getting through the fall that was surprisingly pretty for the south. I’ll show you then let you decide… just promise not to compare it to the New England States.😀

It is also time for Camellias to start blooming..

The hard frost didn’t kill the Gerber daisies up against the house

Of course a confederate rose can’t be left out even though they all died in the first hard frost. I photoed these the day before it frosted.
Now on to the failure…
It is often a challenge to keep Leona’s mind busy ,as she is very limited to want she can do. We got her a iPad so she can do puzzles with her nose,(she has no control over her hands),she can watch movies ,only I limit them as I feel there’s more to life than movies. … The new challenge…
Yep… to hatch some duck eggs!
Leona thinks it would be fun to add ducks to the farm. I agreed ,and that it would be fun to hatch them.
Amazon shopping soon started,looking for an incubator. That was the easy part!
Shopping for duck eggs this time of year was more of a challenge. EBay was the place we settled on ,purchasing 6 ducks.
I researched YouTube and google for information on how to hatch duck eggs,learning all I could on this subject.
The day arrived when the eggs came in the mail,of course the incubator was up and running according to the advice from my search. Seven eggs were placed inside,and the waiting began.
The family was all here on Thanksgiving day,excitement was high on candling the eggs that day. The grandchildren gathered around in the dark bathroom ,one holding the flashlight for me as I chose an egg…. sad to say our excitement went to disappointment! No signs of life in any of the eggs.😢 we were all a sorry group walking out of that bathroom. The grands sat in the living room for awhile with sad faces then I heard Reagan say, “ MomMom are you going to try again, you aren’t going to stop now are you?” Well, that snap me out of that sorry mood! Of course, I’m going to try again! We wouldn’t have baby ducklings for Christmas but we will shortly after New Years.(Maybe! 😁) so with promises to post them photos of what’s going on in the incubator,everyone was back to normal.
I ordered more eggs that have arrived and are in the incubator on day two!
So what went wrong? First when I did the research I should have typed in hatching SHIPPED eggs.
Shipping eggs is hard on eggs,often dislodging the air sack so that it floats around . First problem
With that problem one needs hatch the eggs in a paper carton with the egg point down so the air sack stays in the top where it should be. Second thing I did wrong..
The third mistake…..is that one needs to gently hand turn the eggs after seven days of sitting still in the incubator,even with the turning it’s different than with normal hatching.
So cross your fingers along with me so that on day seven I can carefully candle to see if there is life! It was mention not to candle often shipping eggs until day seven as to not disturb the air sack any more than needed.
The failure really hasn’t been a failure for Leona and I are learning this together and it has been enjoyable ,even with that first shock of all dead eggs!
So what kind of duck are we trying to hatch…
The Silver Appleyard duck.
Have a great week!

Nov.4… BRYOZOANS…or moss animals

Ever hear of these unusual aquatic invertebrates? I hadn’t until this weekend!

My hubby find the first one while we were out kayaking on the lake ,then I started looking to see if there were more,and it’s amazing what one doesn’t see right under their nose at times! Here are some photos of these unique invertebrates..

A little information that I found online says…

Each tiny individual bryozoan (zooid) is attached to a surface at its base. Its body has an outer sleevelike structure (cystid) and a mass of organs (polypide) that moves within it. An opening at the top of the cystid permits the polypide to slide outward toward the water, exposing a headlike structure (lophophore) crowned with tentacles, which filter food from water. At the slightest disturbance, the polypide and tentacles retract instantly.


Varies by species. Colonies are usually no more than 2-4 inches long or high but some can be 12 inches or wider. 

Curious as to what they felt like, I was surprised to find that it was a jelly ,rubbery blob like invertebrate.

This weekend I was able to capture a rainbow,and fog on the lake

And there were some fall leaves,that were not just brown!

And how do you like Leona’s all terrain chair?! Beings there are no paved roads like a state park’s,it was tough trying to push her wheelchair down the dirt roads. I searched online for an all terrain wheelchairs or handicapped carts ,what I found were way out of my budget plan…$1,000 to 2,000..😳 I then searched for wagons with air tires,finding this one with a much nicer price tag, $50.00. It gives her a nice ride without the sides putting pressure on her hip bones as some of the strollers did. She is thrilled to be out and about again outside.

Oct. 18….Heterogeneous….

Now isn’t that a fancy word for miscellaneous!😁 that is exactly what this post is,a little of this and a little of that!

For the first little …

Hubby and son( Mike ) need to put time in on their diving,so they look for interesting ways to do this. Here is one of the ways they put that time to use…

Hubby said it is something that he wants to do again! Maybe next time I’ll go along to run the kayak to put their trash in.

On to the next little…

Look at darker spot in the photos that is a curled up leaf, when the wind blow the leaf out of the sun it was all dark, with the sun a red spot.

Some more littles….

Daughter-in-law made this cream cheese peach cake.. it was heavenly!

This was a morning glory vine that was huge and full of lovely blooms.

Of course ,there has to be some lake views..

And what’s a post without a quilt …

This quilt I purchased off of eBay. The lady ,Mable Minard, made the top was from Truro, Iowa, born in 1900 and pieced the quilt around late 1920’s to early 1930’s.

I love it’s uniqueness. I do believe that some of its fabrics are older than 1920’s but l will post more photos of it in another post when I go to hand quilt it.

Leona enjoying a cozy blanket on a cool morning.

Have a great weekend!

July 24.. a camping site project…

As y’all know this family so enjoys going camping especially Leona. We liked using the State Parks getting a years membership pass,if we had a free weekend we quick pack up and go ,always able to find a nice spot where it was easy for Leona to see, or be carried down to the water,or a nice spot for her just to enjoy her surroundings. Sad to say that all changed when the State Parks started doing reservations ahead of time. It’s hard to say we can go camping a month ahead of time with Stevens work ..if emergency call comes in …well that rather messes up a camping trip plan.

So Steven decided to start looking for a small plot that we could purchase. After much searching,looking… finding prices to large for our liking, Steven met an elderly man selling a lot in a wooded area with nothing done. His price was reasonable, so off the lawyers office we went.

The place is full of nature, and a wonderful lake ,and lovely large trees for shade. It just needed some hard work to set it up for camping. We rolled up our sleeves , put on bug spray,and threw some sweat rags around our necks and got down to work.

Here’s the progress….

We parked our camper in the graveled lane as there are no neighbors close by, using generators ,and bottled water from home the first few times we went to work.

Getting the lane cleared ,and camping site.

Building the camp site…

All the trees that we took down ,we cut up for camping firewood.

Then came the gravel..

I had plenty of clean up work to do as hubby did the tractor work.

LouAnn made our fire ring.

Finished stone ring

Water line being put in

I didn’t get a photo of the electric line going in but was done the same as the water line.

Camper now tucked in among the trees

Where the chair is ,we were cleaning up so a tent could be set up there if one of the children want to join us in camping.

Views of the lake..

There are several ospreys nest there much to my delight,even saw an otter,also it will be good fishing.

Other things that capture my attention…

It’s not been all work 😁

Leona loves that tube,puts her in a humming mood! Which is what she was doing.😄

Now we can once again pack up and go camping when ever it works out,no reservations here.

June 4…. a peek into my world lately

Summer time heat has hit us hard ,and earlier then usual,over Memorial Day week end ,it set a new record in Augusta with temperatures at 101*. We decided to go camping to enjoy the water!

I did a little hiking and come across a lonely grave. It was hard to read but with some finger tracing ,I finally figured out what was in graved in the head stone. It read… Willis Craft born July 1809 died March 21 1874 . After doing some google search ,I learned that he was very active in the community of Elberton,Ga. It was his dying wish to be buried out on his farm,which is now a lovely wooded area. His family was buried in Elberton.

Caroline enjoying a little water herself on a hot day!

The lilies haven’t minded the heat.

My guava tree is blooming for the first year.

And we will have Kiwi this fall!

And all the hard work of mowing,weed whacking,and weed pulling pay off!

How old this century plant is ,I don’t know but I do believe it’s getting some age to it . I’m looking forward to it blooming!

And of course there’s time to notice a little toad!

Hope you are enjoying your soon to be summertime!

May 19… Castlewood Canyon State Park,and the dam

Last posting on our trip to Colorado Springs…

There were two places in the park that were very interesting,the first was the homestead of the Lucas’s.

Here’s the old homestead…. back of house

Inside of house…

The thickness of the walls..

A side entrance…

I still amazed that the house was make out of concrete! Also their barn floor with one trough for feed and the ditch for manure.


Looking out over the valley

More pictures of the trail that we walked with trail was only 5.6 miles, with not as much up and downs!

Also we saw a deer ,a mule deer,… I think

Coming within view of the dam…

Steps going down to cross from one side of the dam ..

Views of the dam..

Information on the dam

The little creek that flows through the valley now…

One can see the sand that was the cause of the dam breaking…

Some items that caught my attention

When we flew out of Colorado Springs it was snowing and cold

A few hours later.. we walked out of the plane to 85* weather.


Looking out the small plane window as we approached August , Ga which is an hour from our home.

Now we are back home to duties once again.. as the grass continued to grow ,as the weeds did while we were gone,but it felt good to be back !

May 10…. cliff dwellers ,and Pikes Peak

There were so many great places to go see that we didn’t have the chance to see but the Manitou Cliff dwellers was a must for me . I just love places with a history like this.

Some History on these very creative people…. The Anasazi also known as ancient ones lived here 1100 AD to 1300 A.D. They were very skillful in building their homes. Let’s take a look…

There were carvings in stone…

Inside one of the houses,this one housed 9 people…

This oven would be so fun to try out!!

The watch tower…

Their bread flour plant….

And this is amazingly made with horse hair to add a unique design to their pieces… truly made by Indians.

There was a lovely museum,but I was so busy looking at the tomahawks,arrows ,dream makers,and beadwork I forgot to take pictures! The museum was in the Pueblo dwellings ,they lived there after the ancient ones left, they added more buildings but were somewhat different.

Now on to Pikes Peak which has an elevation of 14,115 feet.

The road was very twisted or switched back with a lot of steep ups or down on the way back down,and trust me when I say you don’t want to be on your phone or inattentive while driving for if you went over the edge you would be no more!

It was so cold ,windy but beautifully rugged!

At the top looking over the valley… there was more snow coming so the road was closed shorty after we went down.

On break time… I did a pastel drawing…. my paper was regular tablet paper ,so I had a little harder time getting the pastels to stick to the paper.

Next post Castlewood Canyon state park…..

May 8… Colorado Springs,Colorado… part 1

Come along ,folks, and see some of Colorado’s rugged beautiful countryside. Grab a coat it’s still a little chilly out!

We flew out from Ga on the 3rd of May ,having perfect flying conditions as there were only a few bumps the whole time of flying without long layovers.

Flying over Atlanta,Ga

Window views…

The next morning we were up bright and early for we were in a different time zone,with time in Colorado two hours behind what we were used too.

We decided to hit the hiking trails in Divide for most places were not open yet.

We hiked a good 10 miles that day enjoying nature to the fullest.

Views while driving to Divide.

Driving up the dirt road to find the trail..

The trail…

And where did the trail go…. and this southern girl only brought sandals along for I was used to 90* days not 40* ones.

Some of those snowdrifts that we had to walk through were up to my knees…. yes my feet and legs got cold but soon warmed back up from the walking and climbing.

The weathered old fallen tree stumps fascinated me.

As did this TP ,we found along the way…

We also visited a place called Helen Hunt Falls ,a local person told us to drive up the back way for there were old train tunnels from gold mining days . That just what we did and were well rewarded! Helen Hunt was a poet and writer who was a activist for better treatment for the native Americans.

More on next post on the cliff dwellers and a dam…..