Dec.30 Hand Quilt along….

Here’s to a short post update…..

First update ,the Fire Island Hosta quilt….

I’m where the red x is ,the part above the line is what I need to do yet . Not much longer yet!

Grammy is coming along , last time I had 17 blocks to finish now I only have 8.

Here’s the corner I need to finish.

Now I’m off to a birthday party for a little boy.😄

Check out the others lovely work!

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June 24,..hand quilting along..

An Old-Time Quilting Bee

Yes, we held a grand reception and had everything in style,

With flowers everywhere and fruit as high as we could pile.

The aristocracy was there, all gorgeously arrayed

And everybody acted just as if t’was a dress parade.

Lucinda – she’s my wife – appeared in dresses rich and rare,

With furbelows and flounces and with flowers in her hair;

But somehow as I looked as her I couldn’t help but see

The scene when first I met her at an old-time quilting bee.

How mem’ry will keep running back to other days and scenes,

I sometimes quite forget that part of life which intervenes

Between the years when all I owned was youthful hope and health

And later times which brought me more of worriment and wealth.

And so at the reception in the midst of beauty’s glare,

Her face, though old and wrinkled, was the sweetest picture there-

The one whose smile of friendship has forever welcomed me

Since first I met her glances at an old-time quilting bee.

In those days which we old folks call the “happy long ago”

The girls would in the morning meet and gaily chat and sew;

They’d keep it up till evening, when the neighbour boys would come,

And hold a party or a dance before they left for home.

And when the quilt was finished then they’d take the old house cat

And place it in the middle while they loudly hollered “Scat!”

The two the cat would jump between, t’was said that she and he

Would be the first to marry who were at the quilting bee.

And so that night I speak of when the quilting all was done.

The girls were eager then to see which way the cat would run.

I won’t forget Lucinda as she stood there by my side,

Nor how we blushed a crimson as they called us groom and bride.

I said it was an accident, and so I’ve always said,

But anyhow before the year had passed we two were wed.

And to this very day there are no scenes so fair to me

As mem’ries of that evening at an old-time quilting bee

Author unknown

It’s time again for a little show and tell on the Fire Island Hosta quilt as I didn’t work on any thing else this time around.

Where I was three weeks ago….

And here’s is where I am today…. I stopped where the scissors are. The little show of green almost at the end.

Here’s some close ups of the quilting.

That’s it for me until next time. Here’s a list of the others that are working the needle.🙂















June 17,… going once ,going twice …. gone

That is what happen to two old block tenant houses that were just down the road a few miles. I had been wanting to get a photo to draw the two cute little houses.. I procrastinated much to my dismay ,when discovering them were totally demolished .

It is amazing how many old buildings are left set ,some are mowed around as they slowly fall apart, others are barely to be seen through high weeds. I find them so interesting as they are like ghost of the past.

I so enjoy drawing in graphite,it seems graphite and old buildings were meant to go together. Agree ?

This is just a practice drawing

This is drawing is of an old home in here Ga ,the photo that I used as photo reference was taken by Brian Brown ,which he has kindly let me use.

Photo reference….

As you notice the House was boarded up, but I didn’t have the heart to board it up in the drawing,the house begged for some light to flow in through the windows again.

Those are a real delight to see again!

Have a great week, friends!

March,18….. an old brick house…

This little old house was built in 1965 , it only has three little bedrooms ,one bath, kitchen and a living room. For many years an elderly lady lived in it. Miss Dot was looked out for by all her neighbors from her car to her groceries. We all enjoyed her stories and spunky ways,neighbors got to know each other better for meeting up together at Miss Dot’s .. but Miss Dot made some unwise choices in life causing some family issues . When Miss Dot passed away ,the family then came and totally destroyed the inside of the house looking for who knows what as Miss Dot was as poor as a church mouse.

The house has sat there in this state for several years… as it is just across the road ,we so hated to see this little house growing up in weeds. We offered to buy the place from the owners but there was an issue with title paper work as it had been part of an estate belonging to an aunt. To make a long story short ,the owners came to us saying that the title was clear ,do we still wish to buy! You know it!!! The perfect place for our daughter who wants to go out on her own.

Sooooo… here is what LouAnn and I have been doing… from this to….

Kitchen needs much cleaning ,painting and new cabinets….but trash is out.

Living room…. from this to ….

To this…

Still have two more rooms of trash to go…

And many hrs of cleaning, painting and other repairs,but the little house will be loved again!

It will be good to see lights in the windows at night , instead of weeds growing up .

I did fine Miss Dots old autograph book, the first entry was made in 1948 of Sept.,13 . Here’s how it reads

My last name is Altman

Fort Pierce is my station

I go to school to cut the fool and that’s my education.

Phone no… 977-R4

A few more..

When you get married and have twins don’t come to me for safety pins

When you get married and all out of shape,remember that corsets only cost $1.98

When night draws the curtain and pins them with a star,remember me where ever you are.

When you get old and cannot see,put on your spects and think of me.

There were a lot of roses are red…

And last …police,police,watch your duty for here comes Dorothy the AMERICAN BEAUTY.. ha,ha!😀

Have a great week!