June 27… about time update…

The first update is on little Felix, they have put a Berlin heart on him until there’s a little heart for him. He does open his eyes and recognizes his momma ❤️

Felix’s folks are handling this very good given the circumstance. They feel the love and prayers of many caring people.

Next update… the little raised garden bed is really doing good this year. I have put squash in the freezer .. shredded,and fried. I would like to make some zucchini bread yet to add to the freezer list.

Hubby came home with around 15 lbs of sweet cherries,nice to have those to put in the freezer.

Of course there has been camping , Leona’s best therapy for boredom.

Leona has a new little friend. …The rabbits have been after my garden and flowerbeds awful! my poor lilies are barely surviving,the sweet potatoes are gone ,now they are working on my echinacea plants.😖

Hubby decided that it was time to get a terrier . So Sparky has join our family.

Rabbit damage

The next project that I have been learning about ,is how to do my own essential oils. I use oils, especially in the winter in a diffuser for Leona. They are also great to have when her muscles get to tight. The problem good oils are pricy!! So I am learning to do the ones that I use the most .

Here’s the distillery.😄

Peppermint plants will be growing around here…. In pots , pans ,tubs … anything that will hold dirt.😄

Next thing that got done that feels so good to have done is a…..

Scrubbed up porch!
The last project that I’ve been working on is this painting. It is a paint by number that I’m just doing my way . I want this to hang on my dining room wall as it is bare right now.

Here’s how far I am… the original way to paint it

My way
And that’s what I’ve been doing along with normal every day chores, and Leona’s care.


Jan.3 hand quilt along update

Sorry folks … no handquilting done here this round.

Too busy with little people,food and enjoying my girls.

Lynn’s oldest and newest daughters
PopPop and Lynn’s middle daughter enjoying a toothpick moment..

Don’t waste anymore time here.. go see what beauty’s the others have waiting …

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, Margaret,Nanette, Sharon, Karrin, Gretchen, Daisy, Connie, Monicaand Sherrie

Dec.1 … a thanksgiving weekend …

It’s hard to believe that it’s Dec. 1 already! Thanksgiving weekend flew by way too fast.

I promised a picture of the kiffles that I make for Holidays only . I did do a post on them on my other site on. Dec. 19… Kiffles 2017..(I’m not sure how to link it though..😏 ) if you care to make them.

Here are a few snap shots of this weekend.
Nap time
Snuggles learning to leave skittles and Bobo alone. She did pretty good until they came to eat out of my hand then she was ready to remove them.
Then there was Elena time, she is such a people person .🥰
She didn’t lack in attention.
My daughter,LouAnn ,gave me these little snowmen ,so we decided to put them up above the dining room window with little lights behind them.
As I visited with the girls, my hands were busy ,as there’s a little one due to arrive this week. I’m hoping to soon have it done …just a few more rows on the lace edge.
Hubby and son were busy making knives for fun. Here’s a picture of hubby’s ,I didn’t get one of Russell’s for he took his home.
Have a blessed week ,friends.❤️

Aug. 18…. a new arrival….

We are very happy to welcome our little granddaughter Elena . She’s a healthy girl weighing in at 8 lbs and 5 oz.

Of course as soon as we could get away,we made a trip to Kentucky.
Hubby took a 4 wheeler along as he wanted to do some trails into the hills.
Leona was thrilled to be able to hold a little one in her lap again….. her favorite phrase….. she’s so cute.😊
And a proud PopPop
The weekend went by way too fast!!

I took a early morning walk for it was so pleasant in the morning a lovely 66*.

One never knows what they will found when the morning is fresh with the sun not yet peeking over the hill. This little fella was trying hard to reach that perfect leaf.😁

And the wonder of moss.
And the beautiful sound of running water…
We are home again watching
the entertaining little birds.

April 24…. update on my world…🙂

My daughter is very good at keeping me informed on how the grand children are doing,and little sneak peeks into their lives!

Candice is a chip off the old block here, she loves her chicks as much as I do!

While her younger sister is the story teller..
Reagan is a good listener.🥰
My daughter in law has made masks for the business that we own,and the two boys (her and mikes boys) who thought that they were cool.

Here’s Mike and Hubby at work wearing them… quite the outfit.

The business has been steady,as we were essential to commercial business. Here they are working at a commercial warehouse, fixing a loading dock door.
We have had lots of rain lately making things so green,and fresh.
Here’s a few photos of nature
Last camellia bloom
Turkey tracks
Viburnum blooming
Good old hot dog roast!
Any one in need of fresh farm eggs? It’s amazing how quickly 11 eggs a day add up. I can’t use them all , so I share with family and friends.
Praying for all my blogging friend’s good health.

March 29…. photos of my world

Spring is in full swing here on our little farm,so that means lots of out of doors work,…mowing ,weed whacking ,weed pulling,and mulching. Of course, it also means… sore muscles, blisters on your hands even with gloves on, farmers tan ,and ant bites.

However when it’s all done ,it’s so worth it! Here’s the big flowerbed almost done.

Not to many flowers blooming here yet.
There are around the house though
Azaleas,Gerber daisy,and amaryllis

We’ve had a real problem with predators wanting to get the chickens and ducks lately. Sad to say a pair of skunks got into the young ducks,eating three leaving me two😡…

Caroline took care of the hawk that got into the chicken pen…. no one messes with her chickens. She watches out for them even sleeping at the chicken pen gate. Caroline did try to get the skunks ,bless her for trying but the spray was to overwhelming.

Last weekend we were up to our lot. It was a lovely weekend with watching the osprey rebuilding their nest even saw a territorial fight between the osprey and bald eagle.
And a start of a beautiful day
We bought Leona an iPad so she could have screen touch because of not being able to use her hands.
Well ,if hands don’t work then a nose will.
Puzzles are a favorite past time for her.
Stay safe and enjoy life!

Nov.4… BRYOZOANS…or moss animals

Ever hear of these unusual aquatic invertebrates? I hadn’t until this weekend!

My hubby find the first one while we were out kayaking on the lake ,then I started looking to see if there were more,and it’s amazing what one doesn’t see right under their nose at times! Here are some photos of these unique invertebrates..

A little information that I found online says…

Each tiny individual bryozoan (zooid) is attached to a surface at its base. Its body has an outer sleevelike structure (cystid) and a mass of organs (polypide) that moves within it. An opening at the top of the cystid permits the polypide to slide outward toward the water, exposing a headlike structure (lophophore) crowned with tentacles, which filter food from water. At the slightest disturbance, the polypide and tentacles retract instantly.


Varies by species. Colonies are usually no more than 2-4 inches long or high but some can be 12 inches or wider. 

Curious as to what they felt like, I was surprised to find that it was a jelly ,rubbery blob like invertebrate.

This weekend I was able to capture a rainbow,and fog on the lake

And there were some fall leaves,that were not just brown!

And how do you like Leona’s all terrain chair?! Beings there are no paved roads like a state park’s,it was tough trying to push her wheelchair down the dirt roads. I searched online for an all terrain wheelchairs or handicapped carts ,what I found were way out of my budget plan…$1,000 to 2,000..😳 I then searched for wagons with air tires,finding this one with a much nicer price tag, $50.00. It gives her a nice ride without the sides putting pressure on her hip bones as some of the strollers did. She is thrilled to be out and about again outside.

Oct. 18….Heterogeneous….

Now isn’t that a fancy word for miscellaneous!😁 that is exactly what this post is,a little of this and a little of that!

For the first little …

Hubby and son( Mike ) need to put time in on their diving,so they look for interesting ways to do this. Here is one of the ways they put that time to use…

Hubby said it is something that he wants to do again! Maybe next time I’ll go along to run the kayak to put their trash in.

On to the next little…

Look at darker spot in the photos that is a curled up leaf, when the wind blow the leaf out of the sun it was all dark, with the sun a red spot.

Some more littles….

Daughter-in-law made this cream cheese peach cake.. it was heavenly!

This was a morning glory vine that was huge and full of lovely blooms.

Of course ,there has to be some lake views..

And what’s a post without a quilt …

This quilt I purchased off of eBay. The lady ,Mable Minard, made the top was from Truro, Iowa, born in 1900 and pieced the quilt around late 1920’s to early 1930’s.

I love it’s uniqueness. I do believe that some of its fabrics are older than 1920’s but l will post more photos of it in another post when I go to hand quilt it.

Leona enjoying a cozy blanket on a cool morning.

Have a great weekend!

July 24.. a camping site project…

As y’all know this family so enjoys going camping especially Leona. We liked using the State Parks getting a years membership pass,if we had a free weekend we quick pack up and go ,always able to find a nice spot where it was easy for Leona to see, or be carried down to the water,or a nice spot for her just to enjoy her surroundings. Sad to say that all changed when the State Parks started doing reservations ahead of time. It’s hard to say we can go camping a month ahead of time with Stevens work ..if emergency call comes in …well that rather messes up a camping trip plan.

So Steven decided to start looking for a small plot that we could purchase. After much searching,looking… finding prices to large for our liking, Steven met an elderly man selling a lot in a wooded area with nothing done. His price was reasonable, so off the lawyers office we went.

The place is full of nature, and a wonderful lake ,and lovely large trees for shade. It just needed some hard work to set it up for camping. We rolled up our sleeves , put on bug spray,and threw some sweat rags around our necks and got down to work.

Here’s the progress….

We parked our camper in the graveled lane as there are no neighbors close by, using generators ,and bottled water from home the first few times we went to work.

Getting the lane cleared ,and camping site.

Building the camp site…

All the trees that we took down ,we cut up for camping firewood.

Then came the gravel..

I had plenty of clean up work to do as hubby did the tractor work.

LouAnn made our fire ring.

Finished stone ring

Water line being put in

I didn’t get a photo of the electric line going in but was done the same as the water line.

Camper now tucked in among the trees

Where the chair is ,we were cleaning up so a tent could be set up there if one of the children want to join us in camping.

Views of the lake..

There are several ospreys nest there much to my delight,even saw an otter,also it will be good fishing.

Other things that capture my attention…

It’s not been all work 😁

Leona loves that tube,puts her in a humming mood! Which is what she was doing.😄

Now we can once again pack up and go camping when ever it works out,no reservations here.

July 7…. enjoyable times

We have been busy with family the last few weeks. Of course ,it’s always a real pleasure to have the children come home. All our children and grand children were here for the 4th . Some were here longer than others with Russell and his new wife here for a week.

Take a peek …

Granddaughter pretending to be a dog digging for a bone. 😀

Grandson enjoying the corn picking. Grill chicken and fresh corn on the cob was on the menu with watermelon .

Then Dad and the boys had a day of fishing.

Now I got to enjoy the littlest one of us all.

There were times when everyone was chased inside because of a thunderstorm. These clouds were beautiful!

Critters were discovered… a baby turtle dove and a soft shelled turtle that measured 10″ across the back.

And a sweet flower in the flowerbed…

Discovering that frozen finger jello makes interesting designs

Now it’s time to clean up house and go back to the normal routine. Maybe a little time will be found to see what’s going on in the sewing room.

Have a great week!