Dec. 5 … one happy MomMom…

Number nine arrive yesterday,safe and sound. Skylie Noelle is so perfect weighing in at 7 lbs 11oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

Here’s mommy and Skylie

And a close up of cutie.
Ready to go home! There are four people anxiously waiting to meet her there.

Nov. 6.. a quick update on Leona

Thank you friends for your prayers and support.❤️

Leona is starting to feel better,wanting to sit in her chair again. It has been a long three weeks with her being very listless and no appetite, then the first of last week complaining of tummy ache.. a few days later running fever.

With the fever I know I needed help! Thank the Lord the problem was easy to diagnose. Low iron count with a stomach bug….

Leona has issues with getting enough nutrients from her food,so she needs a formula,even with the formula that I give her everyday that still didn’t have enough iron for her.

Just a few days on liquid iron ,I can see her coming back to her normal self.👏👏

I’m just so thankful it wasn’t worst.

While sitting close by my girl, I was able to finish this star top.

March 14… the Value of life…..

I want to thank each of you who sent their love and sympathy on my last post, if truly meant a lot!

Papa’s death was a shock to all of us as he was a very active 80 year old . Papa’s death was treated as a crime site being a fire was involved,he was burning some trash in a bin when some tar on the outside of the bin caught fire lighting the grass around it. He was trying to move a small trailer away from the fire,when he went down on his knees,coughed than there was no more respondence. A grandson who was there called 911 right away,but till they got there the fire was pretty much out except for the front of papas shirt where he had put the lighter to light the fire in his pocket. Papa was burnt bad enough on the face that there was no viewing of his body, however the undertaker made it possible for the family to view a hand which gave closure to the lot of us.

The autopsy reported was there was no smoke in the lungs , it was stated as a medical heart disease as the clause of death. That ,my friends ,was a real relief to me to know he was gone before the fire ever hit him!

While parting of a loved one is hard,it was wonderful to be loved and have memories of a wonderful father in law.

Then there is freshness of spring to value….

And then the enjoyment of having a sweet tempered Rottweiler around again. Caroline didn’t want her picture taken.😄

The fun of sewing for others….need to finish binding them yet though.

The anticipation of watching this cocoon hatch…

Also valuing the time spent with hubby in a short get away in the blue ridge mountains.

Moments that make precious memories are what make my life full of value.