May,20 and what’s Deb up to?

This post is going to be about different things going on here on the farm… so grab a cup of coffee , and welcome to our farm!

The garden has been doing great ,it is really looking good since we’ve had some much needed rain. The summer squash will be ready to start picking this week,there’s also little zucchini’s showing on the zucchini plants. Tomatoes are blooming,green beans are also!

The bitties that I got ,so I could once again have my hens to enjoy. We put up a little house closer to our house hoping that some of the wild animals will not be so ready to have a chicken meal. The house is for the hens is predator safe,now if the hawks will leave them alone during the day when they are out free ranging.

The flowerbeds are full of lily blooms right now!

As you can see I still haven’t mulched over the papered walk way yet…. the dollars ran out!😬😀

Now on to the little house across the road…

We have must of the trash out of the house and gone. There are two old TVs that LouAnn and I need help with as they are heavy! We are working on ripping up the tiled flooring and base boards as we discovered that the dog that lived there with the older lady used those as his pee posts! The tiles were in sad shape as you can see.

We are working on two of the back rooms, the windows in them will also need replaced.

There had been a little sewing being done during the heat of the day, as our days are in the upper 80’s (27c to32c)to low 90’s. Nice break time.

And of course a rainbow is always a welcome sight!

Have a good week,friends


April 20….garden update

The flowerbeds are almost finished,if the mulch wouldn’t have ran out it would have been done. The hardest part is finished though. I also got caught up with the mowing,trimming trees,and shrubs up. Hoping to get a little quilting in tomorrow so I can at least say I got a little done. Enjoy the garden photos….

That wheelbarrow is one handy thing to have around,even the grandchildren get pushed around in it.🙂

I love to sit on the porch just as the sun is coming up with a cup of coffee in my hands ,listening to the birds sing, and other nature sounds.

Here is the mower that I use to mow the five acres that need mowing here on the farm.

I love living in the country but at times it can be frustrating when wild animals come into your yard making holes that you have to fill in and level out. Armadillos can be a for real pain!

Living in one of my rose bushes is a nest of little birds , mama bird wasn’t happy with my at all! She gave strict orders for those little things to hunker down,and not move… and that is just what they did!

Have a great weekend!

Apr.13 ….. Gardening…

“ the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.”

–  Elizabeth Murray

Beautiful lines but what it doesn’t tell you of all the back aches ,sore fingers ,ant bites and an endless amount of weeds that come with this art. So why do I have flowerbeds and a little garden? A finished flowerbed and a healthy little garden gives me much satisfaction when completed. Let me show you were I have spent many an hour the last week.

Before tacking the flowerbed,here’s a before….

Weeds and lots of pruning needed to be done. Here is how far I’ve gotten on this flowerbed…

The white stuff is shredded paper I like to put in under the mulch it helps keep the ground cooler in the summer when the days are very warm.

I’m about half way done,the other half still looks like this.

I also have all the limbs and old leaves cleaned up from under the pecan trees so that it can be mowed. There’s also a Pileated woodpecker that visited me out there looking for the last few pecans to be found.

Lots of little piles burning the debris

Then a raised garden was made.. we don’t need a large garden anymore with just a few of us here at home. So my son Mike found some old railroad ties for me,and it work out perfect!

It is now ready to be planted… that’s on next weeks list.🙂

Now for a show and tell of the flowers blooming around me….

Also the azaleas will be ready to prune next week as they are starting to drop their blooms.

So no sewing here for a bit… the weather is just to nice outdoors.

Have a great weekend !