July 27 ….Christmas in July …4

Hopefully this post goes through…. The Internet has been rather temperamental lately.

Didn’t get as much painted with week. It’s a start.

The photo that comes on the box…

It’s called Indian Summer

Here’s a photo of a little girl getting into icing..😁

Have a great day!

Thank you , Kathy for this fun filled month of Christmas in July!


July 13.. Christmas in July….week 2

I didn’t get much done …. As you can see..

Little photo was where I started, the larger, what I painted this week.

We went to Tennessee for the weekend ,the place needed mowing up,the weeds were as tall as I am.😮

What it looks like now…

We have a camera up on the ridge,look who we saw…. My son also happened to see one while hiking.

This is what I saw while hiking.😊

It was a lovely cool weekend with days in the upper 70* and one morning it was 60* out….. it was wonderful!

The lane that leads to our little clearing.

That’s it for me.

July 6 …. Christmas in July Challenge (1)

Kathy@Sewing Etc. is doing a challenge to get some Christmas projects going.

I have several painting I would like to have done ,so I took up her challenge.🙂

Here is the painting that I’m working on. These are paint by number kits that I buy ,then paint to my liking. I love to mix paints,and paint,and the paint by number gives me a design that is right in proportion…(when I draw I have problems getting things in right proportion 😏 so I cheat by using Paint by number.)

Paint by numbers painting
My painting in the works…. As you can see I favor bright colors.

When I finish this painting then hubby wanted this one . Would love to surprise him with it at Christmas.

It is a beautiful one!

Will be interesting to see how much I can get done by the end of this month!

Thanks, Kathy for the kick in the pants.😂

June 27… about time update…

The first update is on little Felix, they have put a Berlin heart on him until there’s a little heart for him. He does open his eyes and recognizes his momma ❤️

Felix’s folks are handling this very good given the circumstance. They feel the love and prayers of many caring people.

Next update… the little raised garden bed is really doing good this year. I have put squash in the freezer .. shredded,and fried. I would like to make some zucchini bread yet to add to the freezer list.

Hubby came home with around 15 lbs of sweet cherries,nice to have those to put in the freezer.

Of course there has been camping , Leona’s best therapy for boredom.

Leona has a new little friend. …The rabbits have been after my garden and flowerbeds awful! my poor lilies are barely surviving,the sweet potatoes are gone ,now they are working on my echinacea plants.😖

Hubby decided that it was time to get a terrier . So Sparky has join our family.

Rabbit damage

The next project that I have been learning about ,is how to do my own essential oils. I use oils, especially in the winter in a diffuser for Leona. They are also great to have when her muscles get to tight. The problem good oils are pricy!! So I am learning to do the ones that I use the most .

Here’s the distillery.😄

Peppermint plants will be growing around here…. In pots , pans ,tubs … anything that will hold dirt.😄

Next thing that got done that feels so good to have done is a…..

Scrubbed up porch!
The last project that I’ve been working on is this painting. It is a paint by number that I’m just doing my way . I want this to hang on my dining room wall as it is bare right now.

Here’s how far I am… the original way to paint it

My way
And that’s what I’ve been doing along with normal every day chores, and Leona’s care.

June 7… new looks…

Kilz, White paint, rollers,paint brushes, tape, old sheets ( that I dug out of the close just for this)and marble contact paper.

Bet one can guess now what I’ve been doing.😄

LouAnn is home from school teaching for the summer. She wanted something different to do before buckling down to bulletin boards and lesson plans.

I jumped at that .. this house needed a facelift in many of the rooms .

First we started on the little hallway that was an off orangish yellow( these were the colors that were here when we bought the place . The painted walls were in good shape so I just lived with these colors until they needed redone.) sorry ,I didn’t take pictures of the hallway or the little bathroom .. they were the same color.

Here are the two rooms done…

The color didn’t show up a blue .. it is a very light blue.
The bathroom was a sea breeze blue.
The towels on the shelf don’t match any more but new towels will come at a later time.
Then we tackled my bathroom …
It was a green with gold border paper
The wallpaper still look good here but over the sinks it was peeling,and off colored from being wiped down with cleaners too often. I still have more contact paper to put around the tub ..need to do a little repair on the backsplash as it is coming unglued.
This is the color before contact paper make over
This is a counter finished..
As you see, knobs are needed.
Here’s how the walls are done. Yes, I like light color walls, I find that it matches my hap hazard way of decorating better.😁
LouAnn and I have two more rooms to work on,then we decided to start going through stuff that has sat in the closets for way toooo long.
It has been so good to work with a daughter again!!
And Lynn ,our first daughter is going to have another baby in Dec. ,so I’m going to be MomMom twice this year!!
Take care ,friends.