June 3…Hand quilt along

Every experience deeply felt in life needs to be passed along – whether it be through words and music, chiselled in stone, painted with a brush or sewn with a needle, it is a way of reaching for immortality” Thomas Jefferson

Can you believe it ..it’s time for another round of show and tell!

The quilting on the Fire Island Hosta quilt is coming along, here’s where I was three weeks ago.

Working on the dark swag,with the left side of the quilt finished. Where I am today…

I was able to finish the dark swag and worked to the end of row ,rolled the quilt ,and worked in the area below the red mark. I’m about half way working from the right of the quilt moving towards the left.

Some photos of the quilting designs,there’s really a lot of stitch in the ditch in this kind of quilt as with

paper piecing the seams can become too thick to hand quilt.

Doing a sun ray effect in the center

Then I will be using the fabric design to quilt around between these points.

Had to get a change in my glasses so as to see better..😏 these stitches just wanted to blur,but I’m good to go again. Sure am thankful for these things even if it tells me I’m getting old!😄

I also worked on the cathedral window quilt when riding along with hubby on a service call that was several times from home.

Where I was….

And where I am today…

That’s it for me.😀

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May,20 and what’s Deb up to?

This post is going to be about different things going on here on the farm… so grab a cup of coffee , and welcome to our farm!

The garden has been doing great ,it is really looking good since we’ve had some much needed rain. The summer squash will be ready to start picking this week,there’s also little zucchini’s showing on the zucchini plants. Tomatoes are blooming,green beans are also!

The bitties that I got ,so I could once again have my hens to enjoy. We put up a little house closer to our house hoping that some of the wild animals will not be so ready to have a chicken meal. The house is for the hens is predator safe,now if the hawks will leave them alone during the day when they are out free ranging.

The flowerbeds are full of lily blooms right now!

As you can see I still haven’t mulched over the papered walk way yet…. the dollars ran out!😬😀

Now on to the little house across the road…

We have must of the trash out of the house and gone. There are two old TVs that LouAnn and I need help with as they are heavy! We are working on ripping up the tiled flooring and base boards as we discovered that the dog that lived there with the older lady used those as his pee posts! The tiles were in sad shape as you can see.

We are working on two of the back rooms, the windows in them will also need replaced.

There had been a little sewing being done during the heat of the day, as our days are in the upper 80’s (27c to32c)to low 90’s. Nice break time.

And of course a rainbow is always a welcome sight!

Have a good week,friends

April 22,.. Hand Quilt along

Some may wonder if hand sewing, with its seemingly endless stitches, has a real place in today’s busy home.

Just as comfortable a place, we reply, as the rocking chair in the nursery. –Sarah Howard Stone

Believe it or not ..it is time for an update. I’m pleased to say that I did get a little done on my quilt . I do need to step it up though if I’m to have this finished by the end of the year!

Here is where I was last update ….

I had the corner to finish before I could do a roll. I finished the corner ,and am headed back almost to the center of the quilt doing the light piece between the white ,navy swag and the turquoise points. I stopped where the glasses , thread and scissors are.

Until the next update,happy sewing!

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March,26… sketching and vintage fabrics

Two wonderful words to me! I have been practice sketching things that I see ,of course old churches pop out to me. Here are two churches that I’ve done.

Possum Trot Church,built in 1850 with scripture verses written on the inside walls because of a shortage of bibles.

Then the Summertown Methodist church built in 1881 and was in active use until 1995 even though there were no bathrooms or air conditioners.

And I’m still working on old vintage scraps. I had cut a stack of 3 inch blocks out not sure what I was going to do with them until I came across this block photo. Perfect for all my little scraps that I could get triangles cut out of . I did change it up a little.

Here are some of my finished blocks..

I almost gave up on making these for the blocks that have the muslin strip with the triangles corners were not matching up right for nice points,and I was ripping out way too much for my impatient nature.

I had to either come up with a fix or ditch the pattern…. here’s how I fixed it.

I marked the corner lines by butting the block up to the corner lines on the paper then the ruler to the straight line ,marked with a pencil… and it works like a charm.

Now I’m much happier sewing.😀

These are 1930’s to 1950’s fabrics

Have a great week !

March,11… hand quilt along

Just a few more days to spring! I was able to work on two of my projects this time, as the weather is getting warmer ,the days longer ,a lot of my time has been picking up sticks,limbs,and just general yard and flowerbed cleanup. We also burnt the fields off this spring ,it’s good to see a cleaned up pasture. Now the update…

Last time on the Fire Island Hosta quilt..

I drew a black line as to where I was last time as it is hard to really see. And today’s update…

The red shows where I am now,about half way done on the first roll.

The cathedral windows quilt ,I was able to work on this one a little more as hubby had business meetings in Florida so I rode along, taking this project with me as it was easy to slip in Hand bag,was pleased to get some time slipped in.Last time…


The double wedding ring … nothing. It probably won’t be worked on to much with warmer weather coming on.

Until next time…

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