April 9… pencil sketches

I thought that life for me would slow down a bit now that I have only two of the children at home,and though the second daughter is still here at home , she is not dependent on me taking care of her,why I think she helps me out more than I do her.

I thought I was going to have time on my hands after the youngest son got married,so I decided to learn to draw ,something I’ve always wanted to do. Well, that lots of time on my hands is apparently still hiding for I haven’t found it…. I did grab a little time here and there to do a few sketches. A pencil is easy to carry around with a notebook,more so than other drawing material.

The first sketch is of the cabin ,hubby and I stayed in for a few days of get away.

The next two are drawn from photos taken by a very interesting blogger that I follow…

https://blosslynspage.wordpress.com/ Thank you Lynn!

One of these days , I’m hoping to go back to color… when I find that time on hand.😁