Apr.13 ….. Gardening…

“..is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.”

–ย  Elizabeth Murray

Beautiful lines but what it doesn’t tell you of all the back aches ,sore fingers ,ant bites and an endless amount of weeds that come with this art. So why do I have flowerbeds and a little garden? A finished flowerbed and a healthy little garden gives me much satisfaction when completed. Let me show you were I have spent many an hour the last week.

Before tacking the flowerbed,here’s a before….

Weeds and lots of pruning needed to be done. Here is how far I’ve gotten on this flowerbed…

The white stuff is shredded paper I like to put in under the mulch it helps keep the ground cooler in the summer when the days are very warm.

I’m about half way done,the other half still looks like this.

I also have all the limbs and old leaves cleaned up from under the pecan trees so that it can be mowed. There’s also a Pileated woodpecker that visited me out there looking for the last few pecans to be found.

Lots of little piles burning the debris

Then a raised garden was made.. we don’t need a large garden anymore with just a few of us here at home. So my son Mike found some old railroad ties for me,and it work out perfect!

It is now ready to be planted… that’s on next weeks list.๐Ÿ™‚

Now for a show and tell of the flowers blooming around me….

Also the azaleas will be ready to prune next week as they are starting to drop their blooms.

So no sewing here for a bit… the weather is just to nice outdoors.

Have a great weekend !


Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

16 thoughts on “Apr.13 ….. Gardening…”

  1. Oh my goodness, the half you have finished is a showpiece, just beautiful! Lots of of hard work there, but I bet it is stunning when in full bloom. I am amazed at all the flowers you have blooming…roses already, and the azaleas are so lovely. (I saw those while watching some of the Masters golf tournament last weekend.) ๐Ÿ˜ so much beauty at your house, no wonder you love being outside this time of year! I stayed in today, we had a blizzard๐Ÿ˜ณ, though the winds didn’t really show up in town, it was pretty bad out on the plains. We got about 6 inches of snow, so hopefully the melt will begin right away tomorrow. So, I am just scrolling through your pictures, dreaming of warmer days and green anything!

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  2. You have been busy, Steve just cut the grass yesterday, the first time this year, ha ha not as much as yours, but we have an acre, which is a lot for an English garden……he has a sit on lawn mower, so he enjoys it. It is a lot of hard work, weeds never know when to give up, but as you say a lovely healthy garden, full of colour does make you feel good. Looking forward to more after photos ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I have a sit mower too,itโ€™s a commercial zero turn kind.. Iโ€™ll have to take a picture of it. We have a lot of mowing around here not to mention the weed whacking! A neat ,tidy yard and garden is pleasure for me!

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  3. It is hard work but even the muscle aches feel kind of good, after a day in the yard! And the payoff is huge–your flowers look so beautiful. Right now, everything here looks like your “before” photos–and it is gray and wet and chilly. But seeing your photos helps me believe that we’ll get our turn at spring!

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      1. You can’t grow peonies?? That’s sad –I think they might be my favorites (because they are so easy, so showy, and come back better every year without any help from me!)

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  4. Lol I’ve definitely got more weeds than you ๐Ÿ™‚ I see lots of hard work in that bed, the blooms in flower are gorgeous, especially the iris, I do like irises, our spring is only just starting really, about 6 weeks later than usual I think.

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    1. The summers are hot and usually dry, paper adds a little insulation to keep the soil from getting so hot. When I had the big garden the soil would burn your feet it got so hot. Having pecans in your own yard is rather nice!๐Ÿ˜€

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