June 7… new looks…

Kilz, White paint, rollers,paint brushes, tape, old sheets ( that I dug out of the close just for this)and marble contact paper.

Bet one can guess now what I’ve been doing.😄

LouAnn is home from school teaching for the summer. She wanted something different to do before buckling down to bulletin boards and lesson plans.

I jumped at that .. this house needed a facelift in many of the rooms .

First we started on the little hallway that was an off orangish yellow( these were the colors that were here when we bought the place . The painted walls were in good shape so I just lived with these colors until they needed redone.) sorry ,I didn’t take pictures of the hallway or the little bathroom .. they were the same color.

Here are the two rooms done…

The color didn’t show up a blue .. it is a very light blue.
The bathroom was a sea breeze blue.
The towels on the shelf don’t match any more but new towels will come at a later time.
Then we tackled my bathroom …
It was a green with gold border paper
The wallpaper still look good here but over the sinks it was peeling,and off colored from being wiped down with cleaners too often. I still have more contact paper to put around the tub ..need to do a little repair on the backsplash as it is coming unglued.
This is the color before contact paper make over
This is a counter finished..
As you see, knobs are needed.
Here’s how the walls are done. Yes, I like light color walls, I find that it matches my hap hazard way of decorating better.😁
LouAnn and I have two more rooms to work on,then we decided to start going through stuff that has sat in the closets for way toooo long.
It has been so good to work with a daughter again!!
And Lynn ,our first daughter is going to have another baby in Dec. ,so I’m going to be MomMom twice this year!!
Take care ,friends.

Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

17 thoughts on “June 7… new looks…”

  1. Hi – you sure have been busy, I’m loving the redo and especially the shower curtain! Congratulation’s to everyone – on baby on his/her way! I see baby quilt in your future 🙂

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  2. Wow, I love the changes! That bathroom black marble is contact paper? I’m shocked and enticed to think of that, as well. Is it just regular contact paper?

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  3. This is wonderful! I’m with Susan Nixon on that contact paper question! I have a nasty early 60s Formica counter that needs replacing and will probably have to be done professionally… no money for that! The counter and sink area is little used as it is the guest bath, so your contact paper might be just the solution for us.

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    1. Here’s the link at Amazon.. Buy Yancorp Black Marble Contact Paper Granite Wallpaper Self Adhesive Counter Top Removable Film Vinyl Peel-Stick Bachsplash Shelf Liner (11.8″ x 78.7″): Wallpaper – Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
— Read on smile.amazon.com/Yancorp-Wallpaper-Removable-Peel-Stick-Bachsplash/dp/B07DJB5LV5/ref=sr_1_2

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