July. 9…. we got it …

And thank the Lord …we kicked it.

Yes, we all got the COVID-19,even Leona but with rest,echinacea tea, pedialyte , Tylenol and prayers of friends and love ones. We are all back to normal… well almost. Leona and I still have to take a nap come noontime. Hubby and LouAnn bounced back after a week with only their taste lost to recover. They say that ,that takes a little more time to recover.

Well, so much for that bit of info..

Here’s some cute news we got two little parrotlet for to entertain Leona. She so enjoys watching the chickens and the ducks but it is getting so hot out these days and it is harder for her to hold her head up when she sits in the wheelchair. So we decide to get something that can be inside the house.

Met Bobo and Skittles

Bobo is the blue and Skittles is the greenish blue.
They are definitely entertaining little birds.. hubby already has Bobo sitting on his finger eating millet.
Have a great weekend folks!

Author: Deb

I'm a wife, Mom mom, and a quilter. I also enjoy nature , history and flowers.

22 thoughts on “July. 9…. we got it …”

    1. I was surprised at how fast we started to recuperate, after all the news I figured we would be down for two weeks,with Leona even longer or ending up in the hospital . Gods been good!


    1. Me, too! Well, I do believe that the news have made things way bigger than they really are,while it’s nasty because after all it’s a virus ,it’s not any nastier then regular flu.

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  1. Thankful to hear the outcome with your news that ‘you got’. I imagine it must have been a pretty scary time in your home. Keep resting and smiling! What a great idea with the birds. Bobo and Skittles are adorable and fun for the whole family too – continue to get well virtual hugs to all

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    1. The only time I was on the nurse alert was when Leona ran fever, I kept a close eye on how she was going to handle this virus for news had it as a killer for people with secondary issues. Leona handled it just fine, and definitely is going to be a survivor. Thank the Lord for this blessing! Yes, we are all enjoying our birds. Thank you so much for the hug ,your a dear!!❤️

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  2. Oh Deb, what a testimony to God’s watching over you! Keep those naps going, and take it easy all of you! The birds are just gorgeous, and Leona will enjoy them so much! Bobo and Skittles are great names, they remind me of Sheriff, Girl #1’s parakeet; he was such a card.


    1. So true! I will keep those naps going ,they just feel so good! 😀 Leona really does enjoy watching them,she gets amused at how they hang upside down on a rope to swing.

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    1. I’m glad that virus is behind us! Makes one even more thankful to good feel great again ,though. Yes, those little things are great entertainers, and know it.😁


    1. I don’t know how we got it, maybe from where Steven worked that week, as he does essential service door for commercial business. He’s been very careful in washing as soon as he gets home ,but when he came down with it then the rest of us got it. It isn’t a pleasant flu but no worse then the flus I’ve had before. Leona has pulled through like a trooper, and today is doing great. She has heart issues,and she even had her period while tackling the COVID-19. So I’m beginning to wonder just want is going on. I do give God many thank yous as I’m sure his hand was over us!

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      1. I have to agree that she sounds like a child of miracles. So glad you have all passed through and out the other side. And now you have antibodies! Tough way to get protection though.

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